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Setting the Schedule

The fixture contains a real-time clock and a simple schedule that determines the day/night cycle.

When changing the growing program, some or all of the schedule parameters will be changed in the following way:
🔵 Grow program: Enables the schedule and sets Day to 06:00 and Night to 24:00 (18h total)
🔴 Bloom program: Enables the schedule and sets Day to 12:00 and Night to 24:00 (12h total)
🟢 Manual program: Disables the schedule, and times stay unchanged

After selecting a program, the schedule can be adjusted to fit your application.

⚠️ Each time a growing program is selected, the schedule is changed as described above, even when selecting a program that was already active. Changes you made to the schedule may be lost when changing the program.

Enabling the schedule doesn’t automatically mean it will be used. The schedule is only used (i.e. active) when the fixture is controlled locally and ignored when controlled remotely.

Local control

The schedule can be used to set a day/night cycle.The schedule consists of the following settings, and can be adjusted both via the menu of the fixture, and remotely using digital controllers:

Enable [on/off]
Day start [0:00..23:59]
Day end [0:01..24:00]

Via the menu, the times can only be adjusted in multiples of a half hour.

In Day mode the output is allowed to turn on depending on the output settings. In Night mode, the outputs are forced off. When attempting to turn the output on, a message “Night mode” is displayed on the screen, as well as the numbers that it would output if it were day.

The length of the schedule also determines the displayed DLI, but it doesn’t determine the output power. For example, when you increase the day length, you’ll also have to adjust the output power down to keep the same DLI.

Remote control

When the fixture is remote controlled, the day/night cycle is determined by the controller. When the control values are both below 10% (the lowest possible ON value) then it’s considered night, otherwise, it will be day.