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Analog Sensors

Analog sensors must be connected to one of the two OUT ports (despite the name of the ports). They will not work on the IN port and this may even permanently damage the sensor.

Ambient Temperature (AT) Sensor

This can measure the temperature of the air or anything thee probe is in direct contact with. The temperature value is shown on the display and logged, but doesn’t control anything. The range is approximately −40°C to 125°C. The 1‑meter version of the AT sensor is intended to dangle from the port directly into the canopy.

Light Sensor

This is an experimental sensor that presents itself as an AT sensor. Currently, it’s capable of detecting light intensities from about 20‑40.000 lux. (In comparison, the light emitted from the 1000W model at full power is in the vicinity of 75.000 lux at 80cm) The light intensity is displayed as a temperature. Higher temperatures mean more light, but the relationship is strongly non-linear. It is recommended to only apply this as a threshold sensor, i.e. to detect if the brightness is above or below a certain level.