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Status Screen and modes of Control

The status screen refers to the bottom half of the screen when the menu is not active. The components of the status screen are:

  • Date and time

  • Power setting

  • Sensor value

    • AT = Air Temperature

    • PT = Plant (leaf) Temperature


The status screen is rendered in a single color that represents the current growing program or control mode. By observing the color, the current mode can be seen at a glance.

Modes of Control

The fixture differentiates between six different growing programs and control modes, Growing programs are for local control, and control modes refer to remote control.

The color of the text on the Status Screen and the Status LED show which mode is active and which local growing program or which kind of remote control currently controls the outputs:


Growing programs:

  1. 🔵 Grow Grow program (B:R ratio = 1:1.5)

  2. 🔴 Bloom Bloom program (B:R ratio = 1:4)

  3. 🟢 Manual Manual program


Control modes:

  1. 🟡 Analog “LED” Remote control, B:R ratio can be controlled remotely

  2. 🟠 Analog “HID” Remote control, B:R ratio determined by the selected program

  3. 🟣 Digital Any kind of digital remote control


The priority of the control modes is Digital > Analog > Manual. When a higher mode of control is active, it has priority over lower ones.


⮕ For more details on these programs and modes, see chapters First Time Use and Chaining Fixtures