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Analog Chaining Using any Analog Controller

Unless you only have a single fixture to remote control, it will be easier to use Hybrid chaining. If your Maxi Controller has software version 3.3 or above, you can also use Digital chaining, which has pros and cons compared to Hybrid chaining.

With this method, up to 100 fixtures in a line are supported. Even with 100 fixtures, analog losses in the interconnect cables will cause the fixtures at the end of the line to be less bright than the fixtures at the front. This is no different from analog-controlled HID ballasts.

It is not possible to adjust the intensity between 0% and 50% with these controllers.

To enable this :

  • Enter the menu
  • Enter Preferences ,
  • Go to Analog ctrl
  • Change the value to LED
  • Repeat for every fixture in the chain
The way the B:R ratio for remote control is determined is to copy the B:R ratio from local control.

To enable this on the Maxi Controller:

  1. Go to the lighting status screen (see image)
  2. Press SET, (enter settings menu)
  3. Go to Model 
  4. Press SET, (start changing the setting)
  5.  Change the value to 1000 Watt EL UHF    
  6. Press SET (confirm setting change)
  7. Press ESCAPE (back to the status screen)

You’ll need to repeat the next steps for every fixture in the chain, every time the fixtures are power cycled.

To choose the spectrum (White/Red or B:R ratio):

  1. If the fixture(s) are already in 🟠 Analog “HID” mode:
    • Disconnect the controller cable
    • Power-cycle the chain
  2. If needed, select the desired growing program, as explained in 1st Time Use

  3. If you selected the 🟢 Manual program
    • Enter the menu
    • Change the value of the color sliders to achieve the desired spectrum ,
  4. Reconnect the controller cable
When an analog signal is detected, the fixtures will be in 🟠 Analog “HID” Control mode. Fixtures that are incorrectly set will still pass the analog signal but those fixtures will not be controlled.
TrolMaster controllers are supported via the “TrolMaster LMA-12 Lighting Control Adapter D”.


The supplied red ‘Dimlux Interconnect’ cables use a larger copper diameter for less analog losses. Regular network cables (not crossover cables) will have more losses which manifests in even lower light intensities at the end of the chain.


These ports are NOT network ports, and connecting them to any network devices, such as computers, laptops, switches, routers, and modems, may cause permanent damage.


Using regular network cables may be dangerous. If the network cable is accidentally a crossover cable, the Maxi Controller will be permanently damaged.


When Slave fixtures have seen an analog signal, they will lock on to that signal. When the signal is stopped or interrupted, they go into “Analog Lost” alarm. ⮕ For more details, see section Alarms.