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LED safety & General Care

Important Safety Precautions

  • Please read this manual thoroughly before attempting to install or operate any Dimlux Xtreme Series LED system.
  • After successful installation and configuration of the system, be sure to retain this manual in a safe place for future reference. Safety is a key component to a long lasting and trouble-free installation.
  • It is important you read, fully understand, and observe the subsequent safety precautions. If you are not comfortable with the installation of high performance lighting systems, you should seek the services of a qualified installation professional.
  • NOTICE: Do not touch the fixture besides the control buttons near the display while in operation
  • Connect the system only to the power sources of the appropriate voltage using the AC plug type received. Protect power cables from being pinched, walked on, or otherwise damaged. Be especially careful where the power cable enters the power outlet and the unit. Only connect the system to an electrical outlet or extension cord of appropriate type and rating. Connect the system only to the power sources of the correct voltage using the plug received.
  • DO NOT defeat the safety purpose of a grounding or polarized plug by removing ground pins or using unsafe adapters. A polarized plug has two blades –one wider than the other. A grounding plug has a third ground prong in addition to the two main conductors. The wide blade or third grounding prong is provided for your safety.
    If the provided plug does not fit your outlet, consult an electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. If you replace the power cord, only use one of similar type and equal or greater current rating.
  • The system should only be cleaned as directed in the manual. You should seek service for your system by qualified service personnel if any of the following occur:1. The power-supply cord or the plug has been damaged
    2. The unit has been exposed to rain
    3. The unit exhibits a marked change in performance
    4. The unit has been dropped, or its enclosure or chassis is damaged

General Care

Dimlux Xtreme Series LED systems are passively cooled with zero moving components They are designed for harsh environments and years of maintenance-free performance Some basic care will keep your system operating at peak performance cycle-after-cycle.
  • Natural convection removes heat away from the heatsink In order for the system to properly cool itself, at least 5cm (two inch) of space is required between the fixture and the ceiling of your grow area Failure to do so may shorten the fixture’s lifespan.

  • To achieve the optimal lifespan and performance of your fixtures, routinely check for and remove excess dust, debris, and mineral build up from heatsink and LED array.

  • Cleaning should always be done with the fixture disconnected from the power source using compressed air to the frame and heatsink or a damp cloth to wipe debris from light bars.