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Add-on Reflectors (Wings)

The full fixture or separate Ultra Optics reflector can be fitted with seperate wing add-on reflectors. The reflectors that are adjacent to a wall or corner can be equipped with these wings to minimise reflection losses at the wall. These wings have a hammered texture because the angle of reflection is so large that the SBCS principle is maintained. Reflectors next to a wall require one wing, reflectors in a corner can be fitted with 2 wings and reflectors in the middle of a room require no wings. Add-on reflectors minimize wall losses and give more light to the surroundings from the illuminated grid.

The add-on reflectors are available as overlapping and non overlapping models. The overlapping models are used in a multi row set-up and the non overlapping models are used when there is only one row of reflectors in the room.

How high?

There is a very simple and unique way to determine the minimum height of the reflector. Rule of thumb is that the shortest distance from reflector to crop is half the distance between the reflectors in a multi fixture set-up.

It doesn’t matter if the lamp is 400 Watt or 1000 Watt. A 1000 Watt lamp should illuminate a larger surface than a 400 Watt lamp, automatically increasing distance between reflector and crop.

A reflector hanging lower than calculated will increase hotspots and decrease uniformity. Lower is not better