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Safety Recommendations & Warnings

Important Safety Precautions

  • Always adhere to the local rules and regulations when installing or using the LED fixture.

  • Do not open or disassemble the LED fixture, it contains no serviceable parts inside. Opening or modifying the LED fixture can be dangerous and will void the warranty.

  •  This product may cause interference to radio equipment and should not be installed near maritime safety communications equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45 – 30 MHz.

  • Do not use the LED fixture when either the LED fixture or its power cord are damaged. Replace the power cord only with original certified cords.

  • Modifications to the cords can lead to unwanted electromagnetic effects, which makes the product not comply with legal requirements.

  • Do not expose the LED fixture to:
    – (ambient) temperatures outside the specified range;
    – dust and contamination;
    – direct sunlight during use or HID light that could heat up the ballast.

  • Always disconnect the LED fixture from mains before performing any maintenance.

  • Always allow for a cool down period of at least 30 minutes before touching the LED rails. Touching the LED rails when the fixture is lit or immediately afterwards can result in severe burns!

  • Do not use the LED fixture near flammable, explosive or reactive substances.

  • Do not use sulfur vaporizers or water misters.

  • The installation and use of the LED fixture is the responsibility of the end user. Incorrect use or installation can lead to failure and damage to the LED fixture.



  • Risk of electrical shock To reduce the possibility of serious injury, always take the proper precautions and unplug the fixture before performing any maintenance, repairs. moving or cleaning. LED fixture surfaces may be hot. Allow sufficient cooling time before handling Always allow for a cool down period of at least 30 minutes before touching the LED fixture.

  • Fixture and power supply are UL 1598 Wet Location rated but are not designed to be submerged in water In the event that the module or power supply enclosure becomes submersed, first disengage the circuit breaker, then unplug submersed components before proceeding to remove from water.


  • Regularly check the LED fixture for dust or dirt buildup. Clean if necessary. Contamination may cause overheating and decreased performance. Clean the outside of the LED fixture using a dry or damp cloth.

  • To prevent eye damage, avoid looking directly at the unshielded LEDs.

  • To reduce the risk of overheating or fire, never place operating fixtures face down on a flush surface Always allow for adequate ventilation of fixtures and power supplies.