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First time use

The first time the fixture is powered up, it shows the Program Selection Screen, showing different growing programs.

The choice depends on the intended use:
🔵 Grow Sets the B:R ratio to 1:1.5 and the schedule from 6:00 to 24:00,
🔴 Bloom Sets the B:R ratio to 1:4.0 and the schedule from 12:00 to 24:00,
🟢 Manual Enables the manual control sliders in the menu and turns the schedule off.

The Grow program never automatically transitions to the Bloom program. This has to be done manually or with a digital remote controller.

The current program is indicated by the color of the Status Screen, as well as in the Select program screen when this is invoked afterwards.

Status screen in Grow program

Status screen in Bloom program

Status screen in Manual program

Select Program screen

The chosen growing program will be remembered until it’s changed. The growing program, as well as all the preferences, are stored in internal flash memory and remembered even when the fixture is powered down.

After choosing a growing program, you and up in the Status Screen. This screen will from now on also be shown whenever the fixture is powered up.