Highest efficiency light output

in horticultural industry!

Ultra optics WIDE 98

The Wide reflector illuminates a much wider area, which allows for a very short distance between the plants and the reflector. Because of the wider spread, the distance between the crop and reflector for the 1000W fixture is about the same as a regular 600W system. The area it illuminates has an aspect ratio of 2:1, a rectangle. The large side of the rectangle is perpendicular to the lamp. This reflector can be used for plants shorter than about 75cm, or have a very open canopy (more plant spacing, less bushy plants). This is also ideal for rooms with a very low ceiling, or which have a rectangular cultivation surface.

For a fixture spacing of 1 by 2 meter (2m²), the recommended reflector height is 70cm.

The Wide reflector is also ideal for combining HID fixtures with LED fixtures.

The main goal in designing the Ultra Optics Reflector was to achieve the highest efficiency (light output) possible.

It’s designed according to the SBCS (Single Bounce Clear Sight) principle which means that each light beam reflects only one single time in the reflector and then goes out directly (Single Bounce). After reflection, the beam is not hindered by the lamp or other parts (Clear Sight). The design from the reflector is optically perfect so that no hammered or textured pattern is needed to spread hotspots. Hammered or textured reflective reflectors are made to improve uniformity and create undesirable multiple reflections inside the reflector and cause internal reflections from the reflector to the lamp causing a decrease in efficiency. These techniques used in our reflector combined with the use of Miro Silver mirror will provide unparalleled results.


Because the easier it gets the better and quicker it is especially when the reflector will be changed at high heights for replacement or cleaning. When growing in summer many greenhouse growers want to remove the reflector to prevent the reflector from deterioration and to decrease the amount of shadow on their plants.


Dimlux Pro Series

In combination with the Ultra Optics Reflector is a complete fixture with the highest reflector efficiency and light output  in the horticultural industry of over 96%.

Dimlux Full Spectrum Agro Lamps

An ultimate range of reflectors to meet everyone’s needs