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in horticultural industry!

H125 Dimlux CMH315W 3K Agro (1702) @ 315W
H125 Dimlux CMH315W 3K Agro (1702) @ 380W
H125 Dimlux CMH315W 3K Agro (1702) @ 165W
H125 Dimlux CMH315W 3K Agro (1702) @ 315W H125 Dimlux CMH315W 3K Agro (1702) @ 380W H125 Dimlux CMH315W 3K Agro (1702) @ 165W

Daylight CMH 315W 3k Agro

The Dimlux Daylight CMH 315W 3k Agro is the most efficient full-spectrum lamp with extra red light. Overlaps the entire PAR spectrum of plasma, but then with more than twice the bloom light and extra red light. The lamp for quality and quantity. Efficiency = 1.9 µmol/W.

  • Full spectrum with extra red CDM lighting
  • Exceptional for use during the flowering phase
  • Reduces stretch during the onset of flower
  • Extremely efficient – High PAR levels
  • Suitable for use throughout the life-cycle of plants

Dimlux bulbs produce much more usable light per watt compared with traditional HPS units, so you’ll save money using CDM lighting over time through reduced electrical costs. You also increase quality as the balanced spectral output helps develop flavours through promoting aromatic compounds like flavonoids and terpenes.

The 3k Agro bulb is suited for any stage of plant growth, with colours included from across the spectrum – Blues for vegetative growth, Reds contribute the largest to flowering potential and the inclusion of other wavelengths generally promote plant health.







Life (hours)








Colour Temerature


Lumens per Watt


This bulb is the only CDM bulb you can use to replace bulbs in Dimlux units.

Only use these bulbs with a ballast designed for powering 315w CDM units – failure to do so may cause the lamp to explode.

When you first switch on your 315w lighting kit, make sure you leave it on for at least 15 minutes to let the mix of metals inside the lamp properly fuse. Failure to properly ‘bed’ your lamp will result in the warranty being voided and could lead to the lamp failing.

If you’re having trouble installing your lamp into the reflector, make sure that it’s around the correct way as one of the connections is a different shape, preventing the lamp from being installed incorrectly. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to properly install the bulb – make sure you’ve pushed the legs of the lamp fully into the holes before turning.

Make sure you use a clean cloth to hold the bulb when installing it into the reflector – any scratches or residues on the bulb may cause it to shatter.

Due to the partial vacuum between the outer and inner glass sheaths, glass may fly if the outer envelope is broken. Discontinue use if the bulb is broken, cracked or scratched. If the outer envelope gets blemished, it may stop filtering harmful UVC rays which could have negative effects on long-term health.

Dimlux Pro Series

In combination with the Ultra Optics Reflector is a complete fixture with the highest reflector efficiency and light output  in the horticultural industry of over 96%.

Dimlux Ultra Optics Reflectors

An ultimate range of reflectors to meet everyone’s needs